Next summer, don’t let your son get stuck in his usual technology-centered rut. Help him break away and form new, healthier habits at Mowglis’ sleepaway camp for boys aged 10-13. Located in the foothills of the White Mountains on Newfound Lake in New Hampshire, just hours from Boston, MA, NYC, Albany, NY, and Providence, RI, our 7-week overnight camp program provides the perfect setting for your child to have tons of fun while making new friends and learning essential life skills.

Give Your Son a Chance to Explore New and Exciting Summer Camp Activities

Mowglis offers kids the chance to immerse themselves in traditional camp activities they might not otherwise have access to at home. Here, your son can try exciting industries like archery, axe throwing, and rock climbing, join fellow campers swimming, rowing, or fishing on the lake, learn orienteering and hiking on White-Footed Mouse Trail, and more. We offer something for everyone, giving children the freedom to choose daily camp activities and how quickly they want to fulfill their ribbon requirement goals. These awards are Mowglis’ version of Boy Scout badges, requiring hard work and proficiency to attain over the consecutive weeks and summers they attend our overnight summer camp.

Take a Break from the Usual Summer Routine at Sleepaway Camp

Unlike at home, where it’s easy for your son to fall into a mindless and monotonous routine of dawn-to-dusk gaming and social media, Mowglis boys’ summer camp offers an entirely unplugged camp experience. Campers manage their own daily activity schedule, and though each day is built on routine, no two are the same. Each day in the life at Camp Mowglis begins with a morning bugle call. After waking up, your son will dress, tidy up, brush his teeth, and wash his hands before heading to a delicious dining hall breakfast. Before he leaves, he’ll choose his free signup activity, then he’ll manage his assigned camp duties, which rotate daily.

After that, he’ll attend his first scheduled activity, which we call industries. Each industry lasts two weeks so your child can gain the skills necessary to earn his ribbons. Lunch follows the first industry period, followed by a brief break to rest and digest before daily cleanup. Second industry and your son’s free signup activity follow. Then it’s time for a soak – everyone takes a refreshing dip in the lake before dinner. Colors ceremony and fellowship by the campfire bring the day to a close. After that, it’s time for call-to-quarters and retiring to bed with his fellow campers in our screened, open-air dormitories, following a quiet chat or a few minutes reading his favorite book.

Boys Overnight Camp Challenges Set Your Son Up for Success

During his summer camp stay, your child will get to spread his wings, making memories as he grows in body, mind, and spirit. Each step out of his comfort zone and each achievement he makes will offer rewards far beyond the ribbons he brings home. He’ll learn independence as he overcomes the fear of trying new things and being on his own. Your son will learn the art of cooperation and compromise as he lives as part of our close-knit camping community, tackling daily obstacles and achieving goals alongside his peers. He’ll gain the motivation and determination to try and master new things beyond the camp setting. Most importantly, he’ll gain an appreciation for home luxuries that he’s taken for granted, viewing his family and the world in a different light.

What Will Your Son Learn Next Summer?

Break away from the daily grind. Get your son involved in summer activities that have a positive impact at Camp Mowglis sleepaway camp for boys aged 10-13. Contact us at 603-744-8095 to learn more or to reserve your spot for the 2023 summer camp season today.