At Mowglis, we understand sending younger children to summer camp poses unique challenges. Our sleepaway camp for boys aged 7-9 meets these needs with specially designed programming for new, inexperienced campers. This shorter, 3-week session includes a flexible activity schedule, limited enrollment, and a higher 3:1 ratio of campers to staff, creating a more personal camp experience to help your child feel safe during his first time away from home. Our scenic camp facilities located amidst beautiful forests, lakes, and mountains, just hours from Boston, MA, NYC, Albany, NY, and Providence, RI, offer the perfect atmosphere for fun and adventure.

Exciting Summer Camp Activities for Young Boys

In our school of the open, your child can disconnect from electronics and rejoin the real world, learning essential life lessons that encourage physical, mental, and emotional growth. He’ll experience the excitement of exploring nature, living in the forest in our open-air screened dormitories, and having exciting camp adventures while making new friends. Our boys’ overnight camp gives kids the chance to immerse themselves in traditional camp activities they might not have access to at home. On a typical day at camp, your son could take part in:

  • Team games on the playing field
  • Treasure hunts
  • Swimming
  • Day hikes
  • Overnight trips
  • Lessons in crew, archery, rock climbing, and more

We offer something for everyone, allowing children to choose how quickly they want to fulfill their ribbon requirement goals. Like Boy Scout badges, they require hard work and proficiency to attain over the consecutive weeks and summers your son will attend our overnight summer camp.

Mowglis Boys’ Summer Camp Offers a Break from the Usual Summer Routine

Unlike at home, where it’s easy for your son to fall into the habit of staring at a mobile device from dawn to dusk, Mowglis offers an entirely unplugged camp experience surrounded by other children. Instead of monotonous screen time, he’ll manage his own daily activity schedule. Though we build each day on routine, no two days are the same. He’ll follow the same schedule as our older boys, with the flexibility to engage in other activities some younger Cubs prefer.

Every day offers new excitement and adventures, beginning with the morning bugle call. After waking, your child will get dressed, clean up his bunk area, brush his teeth, and wash his hands before breakfast at the dining hall. After eating, he’ll choose what he’d like to do during his free period and help with any assigned camping duties. After that, he’ll go to his first scheduled activity, followed by lunch. Then, your son will get a brief break to rest and digest before cleaning chores. Following chores, he’ll go to his second chosen activity. After that, it’s time for a soak –a refreshing dip in the lake before dinner. Colors ceremony and campfire fellowship bring the day to a close. Then it’s time for call-to-quarters and retiring to bed after a quiet chat with friends or a few minutes reading his favorite book.

Sleepaway Camp Challenges Designed to Help Your Son Grow

Our sleepaway camp for boys gives your child the perfect place to grow in independence in a safe environment. He’ll have plenty of supervision and guidance from counselors and a familiar face throughout his stay, with a Cub Mother remaining for the duration of camp. With this guidance, he’ll quickly adjust and grow in independence, stretching his wings as he learns to manage his daily camp schedule of activities and responsibilities. Growing in mind, body, and spirit, he’ll learn the art of cooperation and compromise as part of our close-knit camp community. As he surmounts daily obstacles along with his fellow Cubs, he’ll make memories, forming lasting friendships and dreaming upcoming summers when he’s ready to attend our full 7-week Pack program with campers ages 10-15 in future years.

Take the Anxiety Out of Your Child’s First Summer Camp Experience

Camp Mowglis offers programs designed with younger children in mind. Give your son the joy and benefits of attending our sleepaway camp for boys aged 7-9. Contact us at 603-744-8095 to reserve your spot for the upcoming summer camp season today.