At Mowglis, we understand that parents considering sending their son to an overnight camp have fun summer camp activities in mind. Some things never change. We know why our camp in New England is the best, and that our fun traditional camping activities draw boys nationwide. But we offer so much more. At its core, our summer camp is a leadership program.

Our boy’s overnight camp, nestled in the foothills of the mountains beside Newfound Lake in New England, 3 hours from Boston, 5-6 hours from New York and Pennsylvania, in central NH near Maine and Vermont, is designed to transform your child into a confident, compassionate young man. Why send your son to our unique overnight camp program?

Fun Summer Camp Activities with Peers

Mowglis offers an unplugged outdoor experience that most children cannot find in neighborhood schools or sports programs. In our school of the open, away from daily home and technological distractions, your child will explore exciting new activities. Alongside other campers, he will uncover hidden talents, building new skills and lifelong relationships with children from across the US.

24/7 Engagement Without Technological Distraction

We offer over 21 camping activities, which we call industries. Your son will take on these challenges daily, having tons of fun while growing physically, mentally, and emotionally together with a community of his peers. As campers progress, enjoying the satisfaction of mastering each skill while encouraging others, they will grow in confidence and self-esteem, motivating them to stretch their wings and try new things.

Developing Time Management Within Boundaries

In addition to structured daily activities, Camp Mowglis enables campers to explore nature, play games, read, and more during their free time. These unstructured periods allow your child to prioritize what’s important or interesting to them without an authority figure controlling every minute of their schedule.

Opportunities for Growth and Independence in a Safe Environment

Our boy’s summer camp offers the ideal setting for your child to grow in independence, learn to navigate life away from his family, and manage daily responsibilities like getting dressed, making his bed, attending meals, and choosing activities. Despite these new freedoms, trained, ACA-accredited camp counselors will surround your son throughout his stay. Our staff is knowledgeable in managing homesickness, water safety, CPR, and wilderness first-aid, and we always have an on-site registered nurse.

The Chance to Surmount Fears of Being Alone

Spending time away from parents and siblings at our boy’s summer camp fosters self-sufficiency. Without family members and technology to turn to, your son will develop essential problem-solving skills, learning to stand on his own two feet. As his confidence grows, he will shed his insecurities, setting the foundation for growth into an intelligent, capable young man.

Learning How to Share and Live as Part of a Community

We’ve designed our seven-week summer camping program to give children time and space to connect face-to-face with nature and each other, far from social networks and gaming distractions. Here your son will learn what it means to be a part of a broader community, navigating new relationships and different social settings. Boys develop patience and tolerance as they learn to share, cooperate, live, and grow together with others from diverse backgrounds. This environment builds the foundation for strong friendships.

Knowing When to Ask for – and Give – Support

The Mowglis camping community houses just 110 boys each season. Daily trials and tribulations quickly turn our boys into a tight-knit-supportive community. Each child serves a valuable role in our family, taking turns looking to and leading others from day to day. Your child will become comfortable with his unique talents and interests, identifying himself and others as different, not better, and witnessing how boys of all ages and abilities can contribute to the betterment of the community.

Why send your son to an overnight camp? Experience the difference that a summer at Camp Mowglis can have in your child. Contact Camp Mowglis at 603-744-8095 to reserve your spot for the upcoming camping season today.