The time your teen or tween spends outside school is equally important to the time they spend in school. Don’t let your son languish in front of a screen all summer. Mowglis summer camp for teenage boys offers exciting traditional camp activities. We’ve designed our camping experience for boys 12-14 to have lasting, positive effects and help your child grow physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Each season at our sleepaway camp for teens allows your son to develop his independence in a safe environment.

Developing Personal Identity at Summer Camp

As boys transition into puberty and mature, they naturally seek time away from family, looking for peers they can relate to. Summer camp offers the ideal opportunity for your child to stretch his wings. In our tight-knit camping community, surrounded by others his age and caring counselors and staff, he will develop self-reliance while away from home, growing in confidence while building lasting friendships.

Learning Essential Life Skills

Our overnight camp program for teens is the perfect place for your son to learn how to do things independently. Without you to remind him to get up, make his bed, brush his teeth, and arrive on time for meals and activities, he will learn to deal with everyday responsibilities on his own, developing a sense of autonomy. Counselors hold campers responsible, helping teens learn accountability. It’s not uncommon for Mowglis parents to report that their kids showcase an entirely different attitude toward daily tasks after attending camp.

Unplugging and Connecting in the Beauty of Nature

Unplugging can be hard for teens. Mowglis summer camp gives teenage boys the gift of the moment, taking technology out of the equation to help them slow down, be present, and connect. At our New Hampshire camp, boys quickly find things that interest them in a non-electronic world, learning they will, in fact, not die without their smartphones. On our beautiful grounds in the foothills of the mountains, on the shores of Newfound Lake, they’ll never be bored.

Learning New Skills at Mowglis Summer Camp for Teens

Combining physical and mental wellness in a fun, social environment is unique to our teen overnight camp program. At our adventure camp, your child will try new activities like rowing, archery, and hiking, discovering new skills he may have never otherwise had the opportunity to learn. His focus will improve as he masters each activity alongside his peers, developing new skills, and pushing his limits to earn ribbons (like Scout merit badges).

Developing Crucial Cooperation and Teambuilding Talents

The ability to work with others is one of life’s most invaluable skills. While away at our sleepaway camp for teens, your son will learn to work with other campers from diverse backgrounds. From keeping their cabin clean to paddling a canoe and completing community service projects, they will discover what it takes to cooperate effectively as a team.

Cultivating New Friendships at Summer Camp

Overnight camp programs for teens give children a fresh start, allowing them to break away from stereotypes and make new friends without the typical school drama. With everyone at camp looking to have fun and living together in a cabin, it’s easy to form new relationships and build lasting summer camp memories. Many of our campers feel closer to their Mowglis peers than their school friends, enjoying lasting, positive relationships.

A New Understanding of Life’s Gifts

It’s easy for kids to take parents and luxuries for granted. Our teens’ overnight summer camp is a blast – but it doesn’t offer all the comforts of home. After your child spends a few weeks away at camp, chances are he’ll return with a new sense of gratitude for the special meals you prepare and activities you tote him to, a fridge full of snacks, and his own bathroom, bedroom, and technology. Many parents find this emotional maturity one of summer camp’s greatest gifts.

Take advantage of Mowglis’ overnight camping program for teens. Our camping experience for boys 12-14 is the perfect alternative to spending the summer in front of a screen. Sign up for our upcoming season or contact us at 603-744-8095 to learn more today.

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