Highlights from Our 2021 Season – The Den, Boys Aged 14

The past camping season at Mowglis summer camp for boys in New Hampshire was one of our most wondrous. To say our older boys were excited to return to our boys’ overnight camp after a challenging 2020 is an understatement. What are some of the highlights from our highly anticipated 2021 season?

Den Privileges for the Oldest Boys Summer Camp Members

The shock of missing out on last camping season due to COVID seemed to reverberate through our oldest campers. While glad to reconnect with campers of all ages, the Dennites wasted no time immersing themselves, enjoying the privileges they earned in appreciation for their camping tenure.

“Den privilege is great! Although we have not experienced them all, last night’s showers were pretty amazing. From skipping the line at soupy to staying up a tad later, Den is definitely a great dorm to be in.”

–Alex, Salem, MA

Renovating Chapel Path Leaves Legacy for Overnight Camp Program

The group made the most of their first Lone Wolf. They chose their Den project on their excursion, setting goals for the summer to make the most of their final camping season before progressing to our outdoor leadership program.

“We decided to renovate the Chapel path to make it easier to walk on and to protect the trees around the path. On Thursday, we stayed back instead of going on a trip. We had to move tons of rocks, gravel, and logs. Finally, after a day of hard work, the path was renovated with a new gravel surface and steps. I’m very proud of the work we did, and I hope that it is appreciated and used for years to come by campers.”

–Gus, Cornwall, VT

Surmounting Challenges and Reaching New Heights at Summer Camp

Hardships aplenty met the Den. Phil the mouse, the Den’s unofficial mascot, met an untimely end (may he rest in peace). The rain remained an ever-present guest. Yet the boys soldiered on, vanquishing many camping challenges.

“On Monday, I made a fire in the rain. I spent the whole period with my face in the mud, smoke pouring into my eyes while trying to blow on the fire to keep it alive. On Tuesday, I did the high wind triangle course for canoeing. The wind began to pick up on the way back from Onaway point, and it was a struggle to move even a few feet. This week was really fun, and I feel even more capable than I did last week.”

–Caelan, Wassenaar, Netherlands

Looking to the Future at Mowglis Overnight Summer Camp for Boys

Victories large and small filled the Mowglis’ camping season. Though our time here is short, the lessons, relationships, and joyful memories built are everlasting. Learn more about our incredible program and the impact it can have on your child. View highlights from our 2021 season and earlier years on our site’s alumni section – or experience it in person. Contact us at 603-744-8095 and reserve your spot for the 2022 season today.