When you’re considering the value of sleepaway camp versus day camp, it’s easy to see similarities in activities. Yet boys’ sleepaway summer camp is so much more than that. Summer camp is where your son can learn essential life skills that will prepare him to be a confident, successful adult. What aspects of overnight camp for boys make the experience superior to camps hosting daytime-only activities?

The Excitement of Living in the Woods

Instead of returning home to the daily grind after a day of camp, our traditional boys’ overnight camp program offers children the opportunity to live in the woods for weeks. This time away in nature fosters a sense of wonder and a deeper connection with the world, particularly for children from the city. Campers quickly realize the need to protect the environment and the importance of human relationships for survival in the world. They learn to protect one another and the earth, preserving its legacy for future generations.

No Technology – Yet 24/7 Socialization

Mowglis summer camp for boys is an entirely unplugged environment. Here in the woods, on the shoreline of Newfound Lake in New Hampshire, your son can escape urban distractions, immersing fully in our school of the open. At our boys’ overnight camp, there’s no returning to the usual technology-filled routine at the end of the day. Children remain unplugged throughout their stay, making sleepaway camp a great time to break bad habits and form new, healthier patterns.

Without the distractions of technology, your son will try new camping activities while getting to know kids from different backgrounds, learning how to be part of a community that trusts and relies on one another. This unique camp dynamic forms the foundation for lifelong friendships, opening children’s eyes to their role in your family, the community, and the world as a whole.

Developing a Sense of Independence in a Safe Environment

For most of our boys, camp is the first place they’ve had to make daily decisions without their parents. This goes beyond choosing daily activities. Without a parent present to solve problems, referee disagreements, and nag about daily chores – kids are left to work it out on their own. These choices bring tremendous character-building opportunities. It may seem scary at first, but it’s an excellent way for your son to build self-confidence under the watchful eye of caring camp counselors and staff. These hard-earned lessons earn your child critical life skills like problem-solving, compromise, resourcefulness, and responsibility that will serve them for a lifetime.

Nonstop Fun till the End of Camp

At Mowglis overnight summer camp for boys, the fun activities and camaraderie don’t stop until camping season is over. Yet, even after campers wave their last tearful goodbyes, summer camp’s impact continues. Hobbies and skills learned at camp are taken home to share with families, classmates, schools, teams, and others throughout the community. Like a stone skipped across the water, the positive impact of summer camp creates a ripple effect that changes the world surrounding each camper.

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