Mowglis attendees quickly discover why New England camps are the best. What has our boys’ overnight summer campers returning year after year?

The Perfect Camping Weather

New England’s warm, humid summer days and cool, starlit nights offer the ideal climate for camping activities. Sunlight streaming through the trees, shining down from the blue sky, energizes campers. Though a steamer or two is possible, hot weather is the perfect excuse to indulge in fun at the lake. Canoe, kayak, paddleboard, or sail – cooling off with a deliberate/accidental flip – or dive right in. When our camp counselors tell you to ‘go jump in a lake’, we mean it!

Fresh Mountain Air

Camp Mowglis is miles away from large nearby cities like Boston, Portland, and Manchester, VT. Our camp, located near Tenney Mountain and Mount Cardigan, is surrounded by forest and clean, fresh outdoor air. You may occasionally smell a skunk – but our boys’ summer campers consider this part of the ambiance, preferring it to the city’s ‘Eau de Dumpster and Car Exhaust’ fragrance.

Clear, Sparkling Natural Lakes

New England is home to many sparkling natural lakes. Newfound Lake, home to our overnight camp, is one of the cleanest lakes in the world, housing tons of fish. It’s filled with carp, bass, and trout, as well as sunnys and smaller fish for the boys. Early morning fishing and fly-casting outings give boys the perfect opportunity to learn the art of embellishment. It’s undoubtedly character-building when “the biggest fish you ever saw” gets away.

Outdoor Adventure

At Mowglis, outdoor enjoyment never ends – at least until bedtime. Hiking and rock climbing surrounded by tall, leafy trees near the lake and enjoying s’mores and thrilling stories by the campfire beneath swaying trees in the moon’s soft glow offers the perfect setting for fun and excitement. Sure, there are mosquitos – but so what – we have OFF! And a few bug bites make for great battle scars to take home and show parents and siblings.

Don’t just read why camps in New England are the best – live it at Camp Mowglis! Contact us at 603-744-8095 to learn more about our overnight camping program or register for the upcoming season at our sleepaway camp for boys today.