Whether it’s the first or last snow of the season, children are always excited about having fun in the snow. Take advantage of existing snow or plan for future flurries with Mowglis’ recommendations for things for kids to do outside when it’s cold. Make a snow animal and stay active in the winter months with help from the outdoor fun experts at our summer camp for boys.

Ideas for Making Snow Animal Sculptures

You can make snow creatures in many shapes and sizes, simply or elaborately detailed. Work together on this outdoor activity to create a single snowman, or plan a winter display featuring your favorite snow creatures:

Easy snow caterpillar

Form several similarly shaped snowballs, crafting a winding caterpillar shape. Add pebbles for eyes and sticks for antennae.

Simple snow turtle or tortoise

Press snow into an oval-shaped mound for the turtle shell. Use two snowballs to craft the turtle’s neck and head, then shape four more for feet. Add dark pebbles or stones for the eyes. Lots of snow? Create a ride-on Galapagos tortoise!

Adjustable size snow cat

Create a barn cat or a mountain lion, depending on the available snow. Start with a large, elongated, egg-shaped snowball for the body. Then, stack two long columns of narrow snowballs in front for the legs. Roll a round head as you would for a snowman. Carefully secure atop the head and mold two smaller snowballs into cat ears. Create another column of snowballs to mold the tail. Add pebbles for eyes and twigs for whiskers.

Classic snowman

Roll a large, medium, and small snowball, using the biggest for the base and the smallest for the head. The only limit to snowball size is how much you can lift! Add stones for the eyes and mouth and a carrot for the nose. Don’t forget the hat and scarf.

Snow monster

Is he a melting puddle of goo? A many-tentacled, Kraken-like creature? A sky-high snow cyclops? Let your imagination run wild, crafting a one-of-a-kind snow monster.

Tips for Working with Snow

You can use a small spray bottle of water to make powdery snow easier to mold. You can also add food coloring to brighten your designs – but like crafting the perfect s’mores at overnight summer camp, it will take some experimentation to get it right. Once complete, spray your snow creature with a layer of water, freezing snow in place to extend your animal’s lifespan.

Morph Your Snow Creature into a Bird Feeder

Replace or substitute stones, twigs, and other features for edibles like acorns, raw peanuts, sunflower seeds, dried corncobs, pinecones covered in peanut butter, and birdseed mix. Substitute smaller twigs for larger branching arms birds can rest on. Then, sit back and observe nature while sipping a hot chocolate as area birds enjoy a snow creature buffet.

Don’t Let Winter Weather Get You Down

Enjoy some of our favorite things for kids to do outside when it’s cold, making snow animals while getting ready for warmer weather activities. Summer camp is just around the corner – don’t miss out! Contact Camp Mowglis at 603-744-8095 to reserve your spot for next season today.