Snow packs a ton of outdoor fun opportunities for kids of all ages. Whether it’s the season’s first snow or the last, and you’re running out of ideas to get the kids outside, we have lots of ideas about things for kids to do outside when it’s cold. Build a snow fort, staying active in the winter months, with help from the outdoor fun experts at Camp Mowglis overnight summer camp for boys.

Snow Fort Building Tips

Snow fort building is among the best outdoor activities for active boys. It can be as simple or complex as your child likes. Whether he wants to build a basic home base or an impenetrable snow fortress, all snow forts require:

Cleared, smooth ground

Outline your fort’s foundation by dragging a stick through the snow or get fancy with a tape measure or chalk reel. Then, clear the area the fort will occupy. Consider making two structures for snowball fight teams.

Snow fort bricks

Choose a form to use as a brick mold. Uniform brick shapes facilitate easier stacking. Multipacks of uniformly sized food storage containers work well and make it easy for kids to work together to build a brick inventory. Sand buckets, toy storage totes, and more can also be used, allowing for bigger bricks. Experienced builder? Vary brick shapes.

Stable stacking

Stack bricks following the design you laid on the ground, keeping walls straight and stable. Go as high as you dare, making more bricks as needed.

Add enhancements

Flair isn’t required, but it sure makes a statement. Consider adding windows, slots, or platforms for tossing your ammo. Top with turrets like you would a sandcastle. Add snow animals or snow monster sentries to guard the castle gate.

Structural support

Spray down your fort using a spray bottle of water. The water will firm up the snow and help hold your snow fort together. Snow forts allowed to harden overnight may last longer.

Now Get Ready for a Snowball Fight!

Build and gather ammo, getting ready for an epic snowball fight. Repurpose larger brick-building buckets for snowball storage. Get a few battle tips from our ‘Top 5 List of Icy Weather Adventures.’

Plan for Fun in the Sun this Summer

Enjoy some of our favorite things for kids to do outside when it’s cold, building a snow fort, while getting ready for exciting summer activities. Don’t miss out on boys’ summer camp adventures – reserve your spot for the upcoming boys’ overnight camping season. Contact Camp Mowglis at 603-744-8095 today.