With so many summer camps available today, how can you find the best program to meet the needs of your child? Finding a summer camp that holds your son’s interest, where he feels safe and secure in his time away from you, can be a challenge. Learn how to find the best boys’ overnight camp for your child with these tips.

Look for Resident Camps for an Immersive Experience

Resident camps in a traditional rustic outdoor setting offer the most enjoyable experience for boys. Covering 155 acres on the northeast corner of Newfound Lake in New Hampshire, Mowglis provides the perfect location. Our program features a full 7-week stay for older campers and a three-week session for younger 7 to 9-year-old boys. We’ve found this session length allows our campers to fully immerse themselves in camp activities, become an active part of the camp community, and form strong friendships.

Ensure the Comforts of Home Despite the Change of Scenery

While boys will enjoy the adventure of sleeping in a rustic setting, being away from home can be difficult, especially for first-time campers. Look for programs that cater to these needs, offering the comforts of home. Featuring screened, open-air dormitories, and cozy beds, children will feel safe and secure in the Mowglis environment, knowing there is a counselor nearby. Our dormitories include one counselor for every three campers, who serves as a familiar face for children throughout their stay, giving them the stability and security they crave while away.

Select Smaller Sized Groups for Personalized Attention

When a camping community is too large, your child may feel lost in a sea of strangers. For this reason, Camp Mowglis limits enrollment. The small size of our camp is appealing to kids. Here, everyone is known by name, from children to staff. In our tight-knit community, shared work and play experiences build respect and trust, helping children form lasting friendships as they return year after year.

Seek Out Diverse Programs

Diversity helps boys break away from male stereotypes, encouraging them to feel at ease with their distinct interests and talents. In an environment where they see themselves and others as different, not better, they will develop strong core values. At Camp Mowglis, our campers and staff hail from around the world. We invite boys of all ages and backgrounds into our non-denominational, inclusive environment, offering tuition assistance so children from all backgrounds can enjoy the Mowglis camping experience.

Choose Programs with a Variety of Activities

Choosing a program with more than the typical sports offerings will expand your child’s horizons. At Camp Mowglis, we offer a wide range of activities. Despite our “unplugged” environment, kids never get bored. In our “school of the open,” boys can enjoy traditional camp activities in a setting where they are encouraged to try new things and are rewarded by skill development, earning ribbons for their achievements and gaining confidence from the experience.

Are you on a mission to find a fun, outdoorsy, traditional boys overnight camp? We’ve got the perfect program for your child. Located in the woods of New Hampshire near Maine and Vermont, just 3 hours from Boston, and 5-6 hours from New York and Pennsylvania, Camp Mowglis is the ideal setting for your son’s first summer camp experience. Check out our “Day in the Life” video, or contact us at 603-744-8095 to learn more today.