I just received a letter from my son at summer camp. I must admit, I was ready for a bit of whining since he was worried about being away from home for so long. But I think sending him to Mowglis overnight summer camp program might be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.


I Can’t Believe He Doesn’t Miss Technology at Sleepaway Camp

At home, it’s a constant struggle to drag my son away from technology, so to say he was nervous about the idea of an unplugged summer was an understatement. But my son tells me he’s having an amazing time on Mowglis’ beautiful grounds in the foothills of the mountains on the shores of Newfound Lake in New Hampshire. He’s not bored at all, and he’s really enjoying spending time in nature, whether lakeside or exploring the forests. Nightly campfires and sleeping under the stars in screened, open-air dormitories has been an exciting new experience for him. The camp’s daily schedule of activities keeps him completely occupied.


He’s Tried Tons of Traditional Summer Camp Activities

It’s hard to get him outside of his comfort zone at home. But at boys’ overnight camp, he’s told me about many new things he’s tried, like rowing, archery, and hiking. My son likes figuring things out on his own, but he says he’s bonded with his fellow campers and counselors as they’ve helped him along the way. He’s working hard to earn ribbons and even asking if there’s any way we can continue practicing his favorite camp activities when he returns home at the end of summer. It turns out that if there’s someone besides ‘boring old mom or dad’ to talk him into trying new things, he’s up for it.


My Son is Actually Tackling Summer Camp Responsibilities Without Complaint

While away at boys’ summer camp, he has to get up, brush his teeth, make his bed, help keep the cabin clean and arrive on time for meals and activities on his own. It’s hard to believe he handles it without several (dozen) reminders from his parents! It seems managing everyday responsibilities has been good for him. I’m hopeful the upcoming school season will be smoother with his newfound autonomy.


He Can’t Wait for the Next Boys Outdoor Camp Season

My son has had lots of fun and made many summer camp memories this season. He’s already looking forward to next year. Though he plans to stay in touch with his sleepaway camp friends over the coming year, he can’t wait for the next camping season to continue his adventures and earn ribbons with his friends in person.


Don’t Let Your Son Miss Out on An Awesome Mowglis Summer

Start the adventure today. Reserve your spot for the upcoming season at Camp Mowglis in New Hampshire or call us at 603-744-8095 to learn more.