The end of summer camp can be an emotional time for children. What can you expect after your son comes home from Camp Mowglis? After so many new experiences, he’ll have a lot to share. It will be easy to tell that your child had a great time, as he excitedly shares his camping memories. He’s transformed in many ways during his time away at our overnight summer camp for boys. You’ll be sure to notice differences in his attitude and behavior.

Following Summer Camp, Kids Are Grateful for Home Privileges

Your child will likely return with a new appreciation for his life after spending several weeks at our sleepaway camp, away from home luxuries and life distractions. You’ll find him thanking you for special meals and offering to help more around the house, noticing things he took for granted before. Taking the time to talk to your child will reveal how he learned to handle daily responsibilities at camp. Brushing his teeth, making his bed, helping his friends keep the cabin clean, managing day-to-day activities, and keeping to his schedule will give him a newfound autonomy, reducing the need to constantly remind him of routine tasks.

After Spending So Much Time Outdoors, Technology Holds Less Sway

Your son has been unplugged and outdoors during his entire stay at Mowglis sleepaway camp. Instead of rushing to return his smartphone and gaming system, take advantage of this ideal opportunity to start fresh. Your child’s return from camp is an excellent time to form healthier habits and integrate new activities that strengthen your relationship, from simple things like having him help nightly with dinner prep to trying new activities together like hiking nearby nature trails. Take the time to reconnect and learn more about your son’s camping fun and adventures, considering how you can incorporate these new interests into his home life.

New Summer Camp Activities and Skills Inspire Growth

At our ‘school of the open,’ your son has taken part in all kinds of fun, traditional boys’ summer camp activities. Our idyllic setting and close-knit community make it easier for boys to stretch outside their comfort zones. He’ll tell you about observing wildlife, adventures on the lake, hiking, and new industries he’s tried to master, like crew, archery, and rock climbing, and how close he is to earning his ribbons. Your son may want to continue these activities after returning home, looking forward to future achievements. This new mindset will extend beyond camp, inspiring him to work harder in school and extracurricular activities to reach his goals.

Building Relationships at Overnight Camp Forges a Smoother Path for the Road Ahead

Summers at sleepaway camp give your child the opportunity to break away from his usual group of school and online friends. Our overnight camp program offers a unique environment designed to foster a deeper connection with nature and others. Our limited program size supports a tight-knit community, helping your child learn how to communicate, work through problems, and receive and offer support while developing empathy, tolerance, patience, resilience, integrity, and leadership skills along the way. As the positive impact of camp builds from season to season, he’ll grow to recognize the importance of building strong relationships and perceive his role among friends, family, the community, and the world in a new light.

As Soon as Sleepaway Camp Ends, He’ll Be Ready for Next Season

Over the coming year, your son will continue to reveal his summer camp memories and experiences as he looks forward to the next season, spending more time with his new Mowglis summer camp family as they embark on new adventures, learning essential life skills on the path to earning ribbons.

Ready to take the plunge into summer camp adventures? There’s so much more you can expect after your son comes home from Camp Mowglis. Don’t let your child miss out on the experience. Contact us at 603-744-8095 to learn more about our boys’ overnight camp program or reserve your spot today.