Are you interested in signing your son up for his first summer camp session? Those new to the sleepaway camp experience often have many questions. Our summer camp staff and attendees are here to help, providing real-life insight on what you can expect from a summer camp in New England for boys aged 7-16.

Old Fashioned, Technology-Free Outdoor Fun

Say goodbye to social networks, texts, online gaming, and streaming shows. Mowglis wooded campus, located in the shadows of the foothills on the shore of Newfound Lake, offers the perfect place to gain a new perspective and reconnect with real-life joys. Our ‘school of the open’ fosters a deeper sense of connection, offering an education like no other. While living in the woods, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature and fully immersed in real-life experiences, your son will realize it is possible to have great fun with absolutely no technology! He can escape and unplug at our New England summer camp, away from constant tech-related distractions, forming healthier daily habits.

New Social Connections

Relationships are among the best things we build at our summer camp for boys. Our 7-week session of just 110 campers from different backgrounds and cultures facilitates a unique dynamic. Here, away from his usual social settings, your son will learn what it’s like to be part of a broader community, learning from positive role models and interacting with children of all ages. Our overnight camp program fosters a supportive, tight-knit community that boys look forward to returning to year after year. Inexperienced campers explore activities and gain new skills with assistance from older boys. Seasoned attendees help younger children navigate daily activities and the challenges of spending time away from family. Working through obstacles and accomplishments together builds essential social skills like empathy, self-control, cooperation, and compromise, forming the foundation for strong, lasting friendships.

Unforgettable Summer Camp Experiences

Our program is designed to be fun and build the essential life skills necessary to become a confident, successful adult. At Mowglis, your son can stretch his wings, try something new, and uncover hidden interests and talents, enjoying:

Exciting daily activities

We offer 21 confidence-building industries that allow your child to have experiences not normally available at home, such as archery, axemanship, fencing, and riflery.

A walk on the wild side

Our wooded campus and surrounding parks and trails offer the perfect environment to learn the essentials of hiking, rock climbing, wilderness first aid, and survival skills in a safe, supervised setting.

Lakeside laughter

Swimming races and cannonball competitions during soak, and entertaining canoe and sailing mishaps will leave your son with many fond summer camp memories to share.

Friendly competition

Daily rowing practices in preparation for upcoming crew races and form competitions drive our boys to push themselves in anticipation of helping their team come out on top.

Evenings by the campfire

There’s nothing more relaxing than winding down the day, singing songs while sharing roasted marshmallows and stories by the campfire.

Avoid the Same Stale Summer Routine at Mowglis Boys’ Overnight Camp in New England

If you have more questions about what you can expect from a summer camp in New England, reach out to our friendly boys’ summer camp counselors or Program Director, Nick Robbins, anytime. Contact Camp Mowglis at 603-744-8095 to learn more and reserve your spot today.